Who We Are

Compliance Assist was established as a company in 2013 by Maree Thorne, and is supported by a network of consultants and writers to draw on as required. 

Whilst we are physically situated in Brisbane, Australia we work nationally and internationally with clients as required. 

Compliance Assist has worked in and with public and private organisations in Australia, the UK and China, in the vocational education and training, building and construction and hospitality industries. 

And we can 'walk our talk'!

We have been training practitioners, have set up, owned and operated an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) and developed an accredited course - all experiences and learning we bring to helping our clients navigate compliance, quality and vocational education and training system requirements. 

We have:

  • Project managed and written national training products and accredited courses
  • Quality Assured training products for national endorsement against national standards
  • Successfully set up new RTOs and helped clients navigate the sale and purchase of RTOs 
  • Reviewed, validated, designed and written training and assessment resources for a wide range of industry training packages 
  • Successfully helped RTO clients manage regulator audits (ASQA and state based funding contracts), non-compliance remediation and reconsideration of decision processes
  • Presented professional development webinars,  workshops and conference sessions and mentored and coached organisational personnel at all levels
  • Conducted audits and health checks against VET and ISO Standards and contractual requirements
  • Designed organisational quality system frameworks and got hands-on writing documentation!

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Our Approach

We are curious, customer focused, analytical, detail and process orientated. 

We are all about understanding your business, providing the right (factual) advice for your business and finding or designing solutions that work for your business. 

However much we talk about compliance and audit, we have a greater passion for developing quality, rather than just compliant, focused organisational cultures. 

'Compliance permits you to be in the market. Quality products and services allow you to complete in the market'

Compliance Assist believes every business is different, with different products, customers, services, organisational structures. So, in relation to quality processes and managing compliance obligations, there is no ‘one size fits all’ or magic off-the-shelf product to just tick boxes.

The ‘WHAT’ may be the same but the ‘HOW’ is unique to you and we work WITH you to find your HOW! 

Check out how some clients describe their Compliance Assist experience: 

'someone who can explain the compliance world in simple terms. At my first meeting with Maree I was hooked listening to her - her describing compliance was coming from such a positive place - all about quality'


'Maree is a creative and critical thinker who sees alternatives which many others do not. [She] interprets legislation with outside the box thinking and is not afraid to tell you 'no and this is why….''

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