Compliance Assist has expertise in vocational education, training and assessment and RTO compliance to assist you to:

Become an RTO

Whether you are planning to apply to become an RTO from scratch, or buying an existing RTO to make your own, we can tailor a package of support based on what you need and where you are starting from. Depending on your RTO experience, this could include advice about change of ownership or application processes, help with strategic and business planning, due diligence for potential purchase, strategies and solutions for training and assessment, checking your existing resources or developing resources specifically for you via our network of writers, developing bespoke policies and procedures for your operations, facilitating training in VET and RTO requirements and more....

Manage Compliance

From supporting you in preparing for a regulator audit and/or assisting with non-compliance arising from a regulator audit to conducting internal audits or health checks to see how your RTO is travelling, Compliance Assist can tailor services specifically for you.

RTO audit


Ensure quality of RTO resources

Compliance Assist has extensive expertise in reviewing and validating training and assessment resources and other RTO documentation to ensure not only compliance with the requirements of the Standards, but also the quality of the materials and processes.

We have access to a network of proven resource writers to customise commercially purchased resources to suit your learner cohorts, delivery modes and RTO business processes, or to create resources specifically for you.

Develop accredited programs

Have you identified a skills gap or business opportunity and need to develop an accredited niche training program? With expertise in project managing large and small accreditations, industry consultation, writing and quality assuring nationally accredited training products Compliance Assist can help you navigate the requirements.


Manage quality RTO planning and services

Compliance Assist understands RTOs!

We also understand that all RTO businesses are unique - different clients, different training and assessment, different processes, different outcomes and different objectives. What everyone else is doing is not necessarily right for you, but what no-one else is doing may not be wrong and actually may be right for you.

Whether it is adding new training products to scope, analysing and benchmarking your data to identify areas of concern, non compliance or opportunity for improvement and growth, developing effective and efficient solutions, facilitating organisational business strategy planning or reviewing your organisational procedures for quality customer service, Compliance Assist can help.

Skill your workforce

You have no doubt heard or read the proverb that 'to give a person fish is to feed them for a day; to teach a person to fish is to feed them for a lifetime'.

Compliance Assist can tailor training or professional development opportunities in compliance, quality systems, training and assessment and more, to teach your workforce to fish!

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